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Python Build Integration Toolkit - a distributed cross platform AMQP based build system

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pyBit (πβ or πβιϑ) itself is what it says on the tin, the Python Build Integration Toolkit.

The aim was to create a distributed AMQP based build system system using python and RabbitMQ. We talk to the queue using python-amqplib, with messages being encoded using python-jsonpickle. python-bottle is used to provide a lightweight HTTP based API, which the associated (static) web GUI can query using the jQuery javascript library.

The system consists of two parts, a single server, and one to many clients. pybit-web is the server part, and pybit-client the client part. You will also need a PostgreSQL database, which we speak to using python-psycopg2.

The front-end (Static HTML) web GUI queries the back-end (python) HTTP API using the jQuery Javascript library. The [HTML side] of the web GUI is not coupled otherwise to the system, as it does not speak to the queue or database directly.

Likewise, the client only speaks to the controller using the queue, and the HTTP API, never the database. By loosely coupling components, we aim to make it easy to extend the system to support a variety of different configurations and scenarios.

We aim to be flexible enough to build any combination of package type (i.e. DEB, RPM) for any arch, for any system (even, say .MSI installers for MS Windows). Currently however, we are mostly concerned with building ARM and i386 packages targeting Debian GNU/Linux 'Wheezy', and above.